Made to Measure Wooden Gates

We offer a bespoke range of Wooden Gates that add beauty, security and excellent functionally to your home, no matter the size, material, treatment or ironmongery. Choose from a great selection of Scandinavian Redwood gates in treatments as colourful as Light Oak, Teak and Mahogany as well as styles as varied as the Appleton, Lymm and Lancashire.

Here at Village Products, we have a dedicated, experienced team in the UK on hand to create made to measure wooden gates that will look great and blend seamlessly into your home. We only use high-quality timber products to create our hardwood gates or softwood gates. From the minute you get in touch with us our team will be happy to explain to you our range of gates and the ways in which they can add value, and security, to your home

Below are the extensive range of wooden gates we can supply to you. And remember we don’t just make standard sized gates, all our products are made to measure.

A Custom-Made Service

To ease the buying process of wooden gates for our customers, our quick ‘Gate Order Options’ guides will help you find the right type of timber, calculate your required gate size and also provide advice on wood care after installation.

Wooden Garden Gates

Garden gates are a gateway to the blossoming splendour of your green space. Our collection of wooden garden gates range from the simple yet classy Lymm and Appleton to the more stylish Birchwood and Lancashire in widths, heights and treatments that compliment your home. Matching posts ensure design flow and durability, as do hinge sets such as stainless steel and pewter.

Check out our range of Wooden Garden Gates here.

Wooden Side Gates

Side Gates provide protection and privacy, ensuring unwanted visitors cannot enter your home through the rear. A Dark Oak treatment can work well with redbrick houses, whereas we recommend Mahogany to offset a painted white house. Our Cheshire design can give your exterior character with its barred design, though if you’re looking for curvature, pick our Lymm or Appleton. The Lancashire is the best of both.

Check out our range of Wooden Side Gates here.

Wooden Driveway Gates

If the car is your main mode of transport, then a secure Driveway Gate makes all the difference. With heights reaching 8ft, widths, 12ft and additional locks installed if required, our range will ensure the safety of your car and home.

Check out our range of made to measure Wooden Driveway Gates here.

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Benefits Of Wooden Gates

  • Cheaper than metal gates – Wooden gates are far more cost-effective than metal gates. For instance, a solid wooden gate, that ensures privacy and security, is infinitely cheaper than a solid metal gate. Metal is just a more expensive raw material to create a made to measure gate out of.
  • Get more beautiful with age – Over time, your wood will age and soon become a part of your surroundings. As the wood is exposed to the elements it takes on a whole new lease of life. Its charming features and secure thick frame adds a unique charm to your home.
  • Low maintenance – Wooden gates require very little maintenance. A coat of treatment once a year is all your softwood gate or hardwood gate needs to maintain its pristine appearance. Should anything occur that requires a little more upkeep our team here at Village Products would be delighted to advise on the best course of action.
  • Easy to install – Single gates or double gates are easy to install… because our team will do it all for you! As well being easy, the gates and gate posts don’t take days to get fitted so your life won’t be put on hold while the team at Village Products install them!
  • Secure – Our thick frame wooden gates are incredibly secure. Our gates are made to an incredibly high standard because we source the higher tier of raw materials. Once your gates are installed, you can rest easy knowing you and your family are secure.

Our Gate Ironmongery Options

We offer a range of gate ironmongery options that will match any design or style. We have gate hinges, locks and catches available that our team can affix to your gate. All our options are available in stylish stainless steel or a black finish and, just like our gates, finished to an extremely high standard.

About Village Products

For years now we have been installing a range of products for our wonderful customer base and we would love to help you with your new set of gates. No matter whether you’re after a new single gate, an exquisite pair of double gates or some showstopping driveway entrance gates, we can help you! If you’re based in Warrington, St Helens, Widness or the surrounding areas of Wigan, Bolton or Northwich and want further help then please do not hesitate to get in touch today on 01925 387008.


What are Made to Measure Wooden Gates?

Garden entrances and driveways come in all different shapes and sizes. Therefore, the one-size-fits-all approach isn’t entirely suitable when it comes to installing garden gates, as the required width will change from property to property. You do have the option to purchase a garden gate off the shelf, but this can lead to disappointment more often than not.

It makes much more sense to purchase high quality wooden garden gates made to measure, that have been crafted by experienced joiners to meet your exact specifications. Poorly fitted driveway gates and garden gates do not look as attractive or offer the same level of security you should hope to achieve.


Hardwood Gates vs Softwood Gates

Choosing the right type of wood for your garden gate is the first step when it comes to securing the garden gate you desire. Softwood gates are a cost-effective option, with many different styles and finishes to choose from. Hardwood gates are generally more durable and last longer, but are a little more expensive.

Softwood gates also require a lot more maintenance across a shorter lifespan, which can be between 7 and 8 years on average. In comparison, hardwood gates can last between 30 and 35 years.

We use Scandinavian Redwood for all our softwood garden gates, and Idigbo or Iroko (African Teak) for our hardwood gates. The hardwood gates we provide have a more aesthetically pleasing nature, which makes them a great fit for many of our customers.

Ultimately, it really is down to your personal choice and your budget.


How to Look After Your Wooden Gates

The two primary reasons why you should consider treating your wooden gates is to preserve their appearance and reduce maintenance. An effective wood treatment will ensure your made to measure wooden garden gates last as long as possible. You should apply a base coat first, which are available in a variety of different shades, like mahogany, medium and dark oak, and teak. The sensible choice is to match the shade of your base coat to the shade of your gate’s natural wood. Alternatively, you may choose a base coat that matches the exterior of their home.

With the base coat now applied, it’s time to apply a top coat to your gates. This provides additional protection without affecting the appearance of your made to measure wooden garden gates, offering a solid and impenetrable defence against weathering and seasonal changes, decolouration, bleaching and bowing, termites and infestation, bacteria and mould, and swelling.


Benefits of Treating Your Gates

Weather Resistant All Year Round

Treating your gates periodically will ensure they last as long as possible, and look as good as they possibly can during that time. It will provide protection against weather erosion and damage from the sun’s UV rays, so your wooden gates made to measure will look fantastic come rain or shine.

Maintain Your Curb Appeal

Some hardwood gates can naturally lose their colour over time, making them less aesthetically pleasing compared to when you first had them installed. What’s the point in having a lovely set of wooden gates made to measure if you let them fade out over time? Regular staining and treatment with water-based solutions will allow you to maintain the initial warm and natural colour from when you first have your gates installed.

Prevent Bleaching and Bowing

High quality wood treatment will prevent your made to measure wooden garden gates from swelling in the heat – on the rare occasions we get some! It will also block the sun’s UV rays and stop them from bleaching or bowing the wooden material. Your gates biggest enemy is the weather, but with regular treatment the battle is easily won!

Save Money

Wooden garden gates made to measure cost money, buy you can also consider them an investment as they can add significant curb appeal and value to your property. Buying treatments also costs money, but by preserving your gates and keeping them in tip-top condition, you will save money in the long run. Failure to maintain your driveway gates or garden gates may mean you spend money on repairs, or full replacements, further on down the line. Avoid this unnecessary expense and effort by keeping your gates in excellent condition.

Resist Bacteria and Mould

The team here at Village Products highly recommend using the Teknos wooden gate treatment collection. By selecting this treatment, you can provide resistance to bacteria and mould, keeping your garden gates fresh and free from infiltration. It will also protect them against infestation of termites and other creepy crawlies.


Choosing the Right Colour

The Teknos base coat range is available in a wide variety of colours, including Teak and Light, Medium and Dark Oak, and Mahogany. These shades are designed to enhance the natural appearance of wood and provide protection from the elements. Many of our customers will choose a base coat to match the exterior of their property. If you prefer a more natural aesthetic, you should match the colour of your base coat to the colour of the wood.


How Much Will Installation Cost?

Every job is different, especially with wooden garden gates made to measure. The best way to find out about cost is to get a quote from us and have one of our team members visit your site. We offer installation within a 30-mile radius of where we are located.

No worries if you live a little further away, you will just need to factor the cost of installation into your purchase of your made to measure wooden garden gates. If you’re happy to take care of installation yourself, we can provide you with simple instructions and advice if required.


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