Wood Treatments

Do you want your beautiful and bespoke new wooden gate from Village Products to last as long as possible? Fortunately, with a little bit of maintenance and the right wood treatment, you can make sure that your garden gate, driveway gate, and side gate keep their brand new and gorgeous appearance for longer. 

It’s always recommended that you should look after your wooden gates in order to make sure they can withstand the changing seasons, harsh weather, and the general wear and tear of outside use. Here at Village Products, we want to give our customers the very best, which is why we are partnered with Teknos – our favourite producer and supplier of wood treatments. 

We stock a range of Teknos exterior wood coatings, including both base coats and topcoats. They are specially chosen by us for their great clear appearance and durability, offering your gates more protection while retaining the natural beauty of the timber. 

How Does Wood Treatment Work?

The wood treatment works by penetrating through your wooden garden gate, side gate or driveway gate as a liquid. Once the drying time has completed the wood treatment has then hardened. The hardened liquid reinforces the inside and outside of the wood. Treated wood can withstand different elements that are thrown at it throughout the year.

From summer sunshine to wintery snow, the treated wood ensures your gate is looking its best on the outside while retaining its structural integrity on the inside. Both our hardwood and softwood gates respond well to the Teknos wood treatment that we offer here at Village Products.

How To Apply Wood Treatment

Applying wood treatment could not be easier. However, before you begin applying the treatment we recommend you give your gate a thorough cleaning so that all the dirt and debris that accumulates over time is washed away. This allows you to get a nice even coating on the gate.

Then simply open the tin, dip your paintbrush or air-assisted airless spray in and apply a good amount of the protective treatment across the whole of the hardwood or softwood gate. We recommend that you do this part of the application pretty quickly because the protective coating dries quickly. Be sure to protect the surrounding areas around the gate to prevent gate treatment from getting onto these areas. Once applied, the high-quality Teknos treatment will seep through, harden and give your gates excellent protection from snow, rain, dirt and debris.

Why Is Wood Treatment Important?

Wood treatment is important because it ensures your hardwood or softwood garden gate, side gate or driveway gate lasts as long as possible. Without using a trusted brand like Teknos to support the natural grain of your gate you run the risk of wood stains or termite infestations. Also, if you decide to sell your house then having that added protection will ensure your gates are looking their best for prospective buyers.

Teknos Top Coat

We stock Teknos’ fantastic Aquatop top coat for wooden gates. Supplied either in 1 litre or 3 litres, the Teknos top coat provides excellent wood finishing that is suitable for a range of different gates. Whether you have a unique made-to-measure softwood or hardwood gate from Village Products, or you have an engineered or modified timber, this top coat can give your wooden gates an extra layer of protection without harming the aesthetic quality, keeping your home’s exterior beautiful and stylish. 

Some of the great things about the Teknos topcoat include: 

  • It can be applied easily with a brush or applied with air-assisted airless spray as well. 
  • The topcoat applies a microporous protective film to the top layer of your wooden gate which is both durable and flexible. 
  • It helps your gate resist the hazards of outside use, including bacterial damage, mould, and UV damage – helping to prevent and delay the silvering process. 
  • It’s easy to apply and dries very quickly. Once dried, it resists blocking on storage and stacking. 

Teknos Base Coat

We also stock a range of Teknos base coats, offering a range of different shades and colours. Also available either in 1 litre or 3 litres, these base coats are amazing for giving your wood a strong layer of protection, adding to its durability, longevity and appearance over time. This base wood stain will enhance your gate’s appearance and prepare it perfectly for the application of a topcoat as well. It’s a water-based stain suitable for softwood and hardwood gates, and it penetrates the wood surface, offering not just a top protective layer, but protection through the wood’s material. It dries quickly and can be easily applied with a brush. 

Our Teknos base coats are available in a range of different natural wood shades, including: 

  • Dark Oak 
  • Light Oak 
  • Medium Oak 
  • Mahogany 
  • Teak 


This means that you can help give your wooden gates the appearance that you’re looking for. Whether it be your driveway gate, garden gate, or side gate, you want your wooden gate to match the exterior of your home. With Teknos base coats, not only can you boost your gate’s longevity and durability through wear and tear and weather conditions, but you can help enhance and customise your gate’s appearance to suit your unique style.