Which Treatment is Right for Your Wooden Gate?

If you don’t look after your wooden gates, even the sturdiest units aren’t going to last as long as they should. On the other hand, if you look after your wood properly, then your wooden gates can last for years.

Why Should You Treat Your Wooden Gate?

There are two reasons that homeowners should consider treating their wooden gates, as well as any other wooden furniture or structures that are exposed to the elements. Treating a wooden gate will ensure that it lasts as long as possible while also improving its overall aesthetics.


By applying a base coat to your wooden gate, you can alter the apparent shade and colour of the wood. Wood treatments come in a variety of different shades, each one designed for a different look. Most people simply match the shade of finish to the shade of the gate.

dark oak double driveway gate in between two white brick pillars


The other reason for applying a finish to wood is to provide it with some degree of protection from weathering and seasonal changes in conditions, which can rapidly age an unprotected gate. A base coat will provide your gate with some level of protection in addition to enhancing its aesthetics, but you should add a top coat if you want your gate to have as much protection as possible.

While smaller gates are easy to replace, large, heavy wooden gates can be relatively expensive to replace if they do degrade or become physically damaged. Adding a base coat and top coat of finish can significantly prolong their lifespan as well as make them look more aesthetically pleasing.

Choosing the Right Colour

We sell Teknos Base Coat in a variety of different shades, ranging from dark oak to teak. Base coats are designed to enhance the look of wood. While they will also provide protection for your gate from the elements, and from other hazards like termites, base coats are formulated to alter the look of wood, whereas the top coat is designed to provide additional protection without affecting the aesthetics.

Most people select a base coat that will leave their gate matching the exterior of their home. For front gates that lead onto driveways or gardens, a finished wooden gate looks more natural than something painted; many people find this a much better look. If you want a natural look, then you should try to match the colour of the finish to the colour of the wood it will be applied to. You don’t want to stray too far from the colour that you picked out for your gates initially.

If you want to seriously alter the appearance of your gates, you are usually better off buying new gates of a different shade.

three by six wooden square blocks together

The Importance of a Top Coat

At first, the top coat might sound like an unnecessary extra. However, it is better to think of the base coat and top coat as being two components of the same product. The base coat does provide protection, but its primary purpose is to affect the appearance. The top coat will solidify your gate’s defences and ensure that nothing is able to get through and damage the structure beneath.

Treating your wooden gates will ensure that they are safe from weather, insects, and any of the other hazards that cause gates to age prematurely. The right treatment will enhance the look of your gates as well as their durability.