Summer Garden Party Ideas

With summer approaching, you might be thinking about how you can throw a brilliant and memorable garden party for your family and friends. It’s the best time of year for getting out and socialising in the fresh air with some tasty food and cool drinks. We love a good garden party here at Village Products, so here are our tips for making the most of the summer by throwing an elegant, laid-back outdoor party that will get everyone talking for years to come.

Decorate For Instant Party Vibes

wooden table with multicoloured bunting in the background

Get people in the mood for a party the moment they arrive in your garden! Some simple decorations like balloons and bunting are great for setting a fun tone, and adding splashes of colour around the garden immediately brightens the occasion. Bunting is easy enough to make yourself, but if you fancy something a bit different, try hanging pom poms from trees and washing lines for a quick and easy way of adding a vibrant touch to your summer party.

If you’re planning on extending your garden party into the evening, add a touch of magic by hanging fairy lights from the walls, and placing comfy blankets on the grass for people to sit on, and stare up at the stars from. We love this great idea for easily creating an unforgettable atmosphere in your otherwise ordinary outdoor space!

Use Flowers

We think that summer garden parties always benefit by simply overflowing with flowers! You can use the natural beauty and smell of flowers to capture a summer vibe throughout just about every aspect of your garden party. One of the simplest methods is to make sure you have a nice floral centrepiece for your tables. We recommend using herbal flowers like mint, rosemary and lavender for that lovely smell and atmosphere.

Other creative ways of using flowers include making small bouquets and using teacups as plant pots. If it’s a big gathering, you can place name cards in these for a summery, thoughtful way of letting people know where to sit. If you have a bit of time to prepare things, get some steel wire and a glue gun and make your very own floral messages! A welcome sign or perhaps something pointing people towards the drinks bar is a really imaginative way of enhancing your garden party with flowers. Blooming brilliant, you might say.

Get The Lawn Games Out

croquet bats and balls set

Introducing lawn games into your garden party is always going to get your guests having fun, chatting amongst themselves, and enjoying the outdoor summer vibes! Bring out the classics like hoopla, skittles and bowls to get people involved. Classic wooden sets look great and last for years, meaning you can make use of them summer after summer.

Croquet is another common choice, but if you were to ask us our favourite here at Village Products, we’d have to go with giant Jenga! Great for kids and adults alike, there’s something about the tense moments and mistakes that always get people laughing together. For spectators, get some comfortable lawn chairs out so they can sit and sip their drinks while watching the others.

Get Creative With Serving Drinks

Every summer garden party needs cool drinks! Your guests want to enjoy the warm weather while keeping refreshed and perhaps getting a little tipsy. Rather than serve the ordinary, you can again use natural flowers to enhance your garden party and boost its summer vibes. Placing lavender in people’s drinks is a great trick, but we love floating edible flower blossoms in our guest’s drinks even more! They’re tasty, sweet and subtly emphasize the beauty and wonder of your event.

Fill your ice bucket with fruit and flowers so that you can keep your drinks chilled while gaining a colourful centrepiece for your garden. Using flowers as drink stirrers is a really nice way of adding to the atmosphere as well.

Get In Touch

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