Spring Garden Activities

We’re finally onto the tail-end of winter, and spring is starting to show itself. At long last, the days are getting longer and (a little bit) warmer, and we’re able to spend more time outside. Spring is a wonderful time to spend outside, especially with your children. It’s a fantastic opportunity to teach them more about nature and the seasons, and being outside is good for both of you!

In this blog, we’ll explore some fun spring garden activities for you and your children, so you can make the most of the springtime together.

Get Them Planting Their Own Food

Spring Garden Activities planting your own food

Planting with your kids can be really easy, fun and rewarding for both of you. If you’re short on space, remember vegetables can be grown in pots, just like flowers can. Growing food with  your kids also means in a little while, you’ll have some kitchen activities to do with them on a rainy day, cooking the food you’ve grown together. For fussier kids, they’re also more likely to give veggies a chance if they’ve grown them themselves.

Make sure to pick plants that are easy and quick to grow so your children don’t lose patience. Spring onions, spinach and lettuce are all fast growing crops that are usually ready to eat in about a month.

You probably won’t be growing prize winning vegetables to start with, but even a small amount is something really fun for your kids to get involved in, and a great way of getting them outside into nature.

Make a Pizza Garden

Spring Garden Activities Pizza garden

If you need more inspiration for what to grow with your kids, try putting together a pizza garden! It’s encouraging for kids to know that there’s a reward (delicious homemade pizza!) at the end of the process, and can help motivate them.

If you have the space, creating a “pizza-shaped” bed for your plants is a really fun way to lay them out, and will look great from both inside and outside the house.

Plants like tomatoes, onions and peppers, as well as herbs like basil, parsley and rosemary are all easy for kids to grow, and ends in a delicious, nutritious and fresh dinner for the whole family!

Do a Scavenger Hunt

Spring Garden Activities scavenger hunt

If you’re short on space, or gardening just isn’t your thing, try setting up an outdoor scavenger hunt!

Making a list of things for kids to find in the garden is a great way to get them outside and involved in nature. Having them find different types of leaves and telling you which tree it’s from, finding different types of insects and identifying different flowers are all great for getting them invested in the great outdoors.

You could also make it a more sensory experience by categorising the things your kids need to find by touch, sound, look and smell. Finding trees with bark that feels different, the sound of running water, and different coloured items in the garden will help your kids get in touch with their senses and the great outdoors.

Encourage Animals to Visit

Spring Garden Activities animals

Encouraging kids to take an interest not just in the flora of a garden but the fauna as well is a wonderful way for kids to learn more about animals and nature. While this isn’t an option for everyone, if you live somewhere there are birds, insects and other animals, it makes perfect sense to teach kids about how to help and treat wild animals.

Making a birdbath or feeder with your kids is a fun craft activity, and you can get lots of resources to encourage animals into your garden, like these Bee Saver Kits from Friends of the Earth.

Spring is one of the best times of the year to get you and your children outside and seeing the world. Nature changes so quickly at this time of year, so it can be a fun, healthy and a great learning experience –  a wonderful way to spend time with your kids outside.

If you want to spend time outside with your kids in a safe, secure and beautiful garden, contact us at Village Products to get the perfect gates for your home and garden, so you can let your kids roam the garden and get invested in nature with peace of mind.