How To Protect Your Wooden Gates From The Winter Weather

The harsh weather of winter is known to cause all kinds of damage to external surfaces and materials here in the UK. One of the most serious impacts it can have is on your wooden gates. If you’re here, then that means that you know that the integrity and appearance of your gate are at risk with winter approaching – with a combination of cold, rain, snow and hail, your wooden gate can easily become damaged, stained or marked.

Your wooden gate is an entryway into your home – whether installed as a driveway gate, side gate or garden gate. It invites guests into your home and is a point of pride for homeowners. If you’ve invested in a beautifully made, completely bespoke new wooden gate from Village Products, then the last thing you want is to worry about the winter weather causing expensive damage. With that in mind, here’s our guide to protecting your wooden gates from the winter weather.

Wooden gate covered in snow in the winter

What Kind Of Damage Does Winter Weather Cause To Your Wooden Gates?

First of all, it’s important to understand the kind of damage that can be caused during winter. It’s important to be prepared and understand exactly what it is that you’re protecting your gates from. Sometimes, the damage is just cosmetic. However, the weather can sometimes damage the structure of your wooden gate, affecting its longevity and therefore its lifetime value.

  • Discolouration – Because of the barrage of rain and other bad weather, it’s very easy for your wooden gates to become discoloured during the winter months.
  • Cracked wood – When wood becomes extremely damp and then dries, the surface often becomes cracked and worn, hurting your gate’s appearance.
  • Fungus – One of the biggest threats to a timber gate in winter is the risk of fungal growth. If your domestic wooden gates are left untreated, then you might experience fungal and other growths which can harm your wood’s integrity.
  • Spongy wood – Not only can your gate become cracked and discoloured under winter conditions, but it can also become soft or spongy. This makes it much easier for the gate to become damaged and suffer from the wear and tear of general use.

Winter weather can have a big impact on your wooden gates. It can damage both the appearance and strength of the timber, which is why it’s important to protect against this. But how do you do that?

How Can I Protect My Wooden Gate From Winter Weather?

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to help protect your timber gate during the winter season, including:

  • Check your gate’s condition and fix any existing damage – Make sure that you thoroughly check the state of your gate before the winter weather hits. Make sure that your gate posts are fully secured, replacing them if need be. Check for softwood, rot and insect damage to make sure that your gate’s integrity hasn’t already been damaged – these kinds of issues can only magnify the damage that winter conditions may cause.
  • Keep your gate clean of ice and snow buildup – If ice or snow are allowed to rest on the surface of your gate, you can easily find yourself ending up with spongy, discoloured and cracked timber gates. During winter, it’s a great idea to maintain your gate by clearing off any ice or snow and repeating this exercise – in particular after a storm or snowfall.
  • Protect the wood – The best way to give your gate an extra layer of protection is exactly that – to give it an extra layer of protection. Using a decent preservative will help defend your wooden gate from decay, mould and fungi during winter. Knowing which treatment is right is entirely dependent on what kind of gate you have and what timber is used. Here at Village Products, we love the Teknos range of wood treatments for different kinds of gates.

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