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Meranti Hardwood Spindled Design Garden Gate

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Our Meranti Hardwood Spindled Design Garden Gate with the asymmetric open top is ready for immediate dispatch. After you’ve placed your order, we will arrange with our courier to collect the gate and contact you with an appropriate delivery date.

Gate width: 796mm

Gate height: 1000mm to 850mm from left to right (to the top of the horns)

The gap post to post should be around 820mm for the best fit.

You can buy our gates with posts, 45mm thick or 70mm thick. The gate would suit a gap of 920mm and 960mm. Adjustments can be made to fit gaps around these sizes by your installer.

The frame of the gate is 60mm wide and 60mm thick.

You can purchase hardware for your gate using the following link: https://www.villageproducts.co.uk/gate-ironmongery/

You can also purchase stain for the gates. These come with a base coat and a top coat for best protection: https://www.villageproducts.co.uk/wood-treatment/

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