Garage Door Bolts Galvanised

Garage Door Drop Bolt Galvanised

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If you need a high-quality bolt for your garage door or gate, this galvanised garage door drop bolt would fit the bill. We offer this bolt in the three different forms listed below:

  • Galvanised garage door drop bolt of 300mm (12”) length
  • Galvanised garage door drop bolt of 450mm (18”) length
  • Galvanised garage door drop bolt of 600mm (24”) length

Please note that, if you are looking to purchase this bolt for fitting onto double doors or gates, you should order two of this bolt.

This bolt’s galvanised finish makes it suitable for long-lasting exterior use in a wide range of applications. Galvanised steel is regular steel that has been coated in zinc to make the metal corrosion-resistant. This means you can feel comfortable leaving this bolt, once installed on your garage, exposed to the elements – even if the weather where you live tends to be somewhat brutal.

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