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FI024 Top Coat Teknos – 3 litres


Product Description

At Village Products, we’re entirely devoted to protecting gates and wood from weather conditions of all kinds. If this sounds like something you’re in need of, you might look to purchase this FIO24 Top Coat from Teknos. When you’re seeking to improve the appearance and maximise the longevity of your gates, it’s only right that you will want to enhance the wood care and protect its stain.

2600-21 is a highly versatile, robust and really simple-to-use topcoat. Its simple application will free up valuable time and effort that you can put into other areas of your home! But the advantages don’t stop there. This product can be applied by all conventional spraying systems, including hand spraying as well as automated and robotic ones.

Although this product is great for gates, it can also be used on exterior windows, doors, shutters, conservatories and claddings. Secure your Top Coat FI024 today.

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