Brenton Pad Bolt Premium Black 150mm

Brenton Padbolt Premium Black


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Product Description

This padbolt has been hot tip galvanised and then given a block powder coating to leave it with a corrosion-resistant finish. From our online store, you can order this Brenton padbolt in any of the following forms, each of which will come adorned with a premium-looking black layer.

  • Galvanised Brenton padbolt of 150mm (6”) length
  • Galvanised Brenton padbolt of 200mm (8”) length

Whichever of these sizes you choose, the padbolt will be provided with a 1/2”-thick shoot.

To use this bolt for security purposes, you would fix it to the inside of your door or gate. There, the padbolt – installed in conjunction with a good-quality padlock – would help to protect any belongings you are securing with the door or gate. This black padbolt is also designed to withstand tough environments – especially compared to a padbolt that would feature standard epoxy black and, for this reason, not quite prove as effective in resisting corrosion.

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