Brenton Padbolt Galvanised

Brenton Padbolt Galvanised


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This is a galvanised Brenton padbolt which, fitted to the inside of your door or gate, can improve its security. Here are the two different types of galvanised Brenton padbolt from which you can choose:

  • Galvanised Brenton padbolt of 150mm (6”) length and with a 5/8”-thick shoot
  • Galvanised Brenton padbolt of 200mm (8”) length and with a 5/8”-thick shoot

As this padbolt has been galvanised, you can expect its “as-new” condition to last for longer – even when the typically British weather is especially punishing. To use a padbolt once it is fitted, just slide it across a door or gate to keep this in place.

If you have any especially expensive items you would like to keep safe in an outbuilding such as a shed or garage, a padbolt can significantly help you to do that. However, you can also use one to strengthen the security of an internal door or cupboard, making this padbolt even more versatile than you might have expected.

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