Adjustable Hook and Band Hinges premium black

Adjustable Band & Hook Hinge Premium Black

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A black powder coating has been applied to this hot tip galvanised hinge, which are suitable for gates weighing up to about 50kg. When you order this hinge, you will receive all of the high-performance fixings and fitting instructions required – including:

  • 2 adjustable bands
  • 2 adjustable gate eyes
  • 2 hooks on plates

This heavy-duty, robust hinge is 3mm thick and available in four different lengths: 18”, 24”, 30” and 36”. In any case, though, you would need to source two pairs of this hinge for double gates.

The various lengths in which this hinge is available means you will likely be able to source it in a size that feels just right for your own gate. The hinge is built to last many years due to its finish, which is more corrosion-resistant than that of standard epoxy black. The hinge is also fully adjustable, allowing gates to be aligned both during and after fitting to make up for gate drop over time.

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