Wooden Garden Gates

Wooden Garden Gates

Whether you watch your flowers grow, your friends soak up the sun or your kids enjoy a game of football, your garden is always full of life. These wonderful memories will make your life magical, and we think your gate should provide just as magical an entrance to your greenery. We stock a beautiful range of Wooden Garden Gates that add colour, class and protection to your home, regardless of size, ironmongery, treatment or type. All of our wooden gates are made with Scandinavian Redwood for strength and durability.

Custom-Made Wooden Garden Gates

To make the buying process easier for our customers, we’ve created ‘Gate Order Options’ guides sure to help you calculate your desired gate size and give advice on care post-installation among other useful facets.

Our Range Of Wooden Garden Gates

  • Appleton Design: Includes an arched top for ease of opening and that vintage look.
  • Birchwood Design: The bars and downward arch combine in stunning design.
  • Cheshire Design: Farm-like, fabulous and helps create a welcoming environment.
  • Lancashire Design: Features bars and an arched top for aesthetic enjoyment.
  • Lymm Design: Provides a taste of the countryside that is hard to resist.
  • Village Design: Clean lines make this conventional gate a little different.

Our Wooden Garden Gates are available in heights and widths up to 4ft 6 with matching posts that create colour continuity and aid gate stability. Treatment options include Mahogany, Teak and Clear and you can find galvanised, stainless steel and pewter ironmongery among other beneficial kits.

Benefits of Wooden Garden Gates

  • No matter the treatment, a great addition to your home.
  • Weather-resistant making it durable against the elements.
  • Low maintenance and keeps its appearance effortlessly.
  • Usually cheaper than other materials.

For additional information about any of our wooden gates, please contact us today on 01925 387008.