Make It Great Beyond The Garden Gate

Having a garden means you have a place all to yourself to relax in the warm summer heat, to host a party when it’s time to celebrate an achievement or event and to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables that bring your garden to life in brilliant colour. Your garden gate offers so much promise, but what does it currently offer? If you’ve been thinking of updating its current visage, then check out our suggestions for easy improvements that make all the difference.




Soil Success

Have you tried growing a particular shrub, plant, flower, fruit or vegetable to no avail? It’s down to your soil, and its type determines what can grow there.


If your soil is clay-like, you can grow things such as:

  • Shrubs: Hydrangea, roses and buddleja.
  • Flowers: Iris, aster and achillea.
  • Plants: Ivy, clematis and honeysuckle.




However, dusty soils are better for:

  • Shrubs: Cotoneaster, cytisus and forsythia.
  • Flowers: Tulips, lavender, and rosemary.
  • Vegetables: Carrots, potatoes and onions.




Ensure you don’t plant seeds in the shade, as the sun boosts plant growth. Adding compost, leaf mould or gravel can enrich the soil and allow the roots to find air in times of bad weather.



Be Nice To Newbies

If you’ve opted for plant pot flowers, ensure you remove them carefully from their current home, before placing them in your garden. Gently squeeze the sides of the pot and turn it upside down, catching the plant as it falls out. If you try to pull them out by their stems, you may break, damage or bruise them.


Always check the labels your plant or seeds come with to, as it will provide information such as:

  • Plant spacing and direction for best growth.
  • How often you should water them.
  • Whether they need fertiliser.



Remove Weeds

As weeds compete for nutrients, water and sunlight, they can be harmful to growing plants, as well as those that have reached maturity. Check for and remove weeds regularly, ensuring you remove their roots too. Weeds may also hide slugs, snails and other critters who may munch on your plants, and it’s advised that if there are seeds attached to the weeds, not to add them to your compost heap, as this could reseed the weeds. Manually removing them is recommended, but should you opt for a spray, spraying on a dry day will yield better results.



Plan Your Design

Visualise how you want your garden to look and plan where best to plant your seeds or flowers, taking note of soil type and shade. Rearrangement is fine, especially if a plant isn’t growing as well, or you think it contrasts the colour scheme you’re going for. When planted, remember to label them too for ease of care and maintenance.




A beautiful place to grow flowers is around your garden gate. We sell a range of hardwood and wooden garden gates made of stunning and sturdy Idigbo, Iroko and Scandinavian Redwood, sure to boost your garden’s aesthetic. We encourage you to check out all of our designs and for more information, please call us today on 01925 967 071.