Looking after your gates

  • Why it’s important to protect your gates
    In order to get the best performance and longer life out of your gates, it is highly recommended that you regularly treat them. Treating your gates gives it UV protection and prevents water ingress. Failure to treat the gates correctly can affect the stability of your gates. The points below give you the information you need to look after your gates as best as possible.

  • How to treat your gates
    If ordering the Teknos stain from our website, you will be supplied with a tin of base coat and a tin of top coat. It is recommended that you treat the base coat prior to installation, or as soon as they are installed. Check the colour sheet supplied for the amount of coats you should give the gates in order to achieve the required colour.Use a paintbrush to apply the stain, making sure to use even strokes throughout the gate to minimise patchiness. Once applied, wait a few hours till it is dry before adding the top coat. The top coat, a much thicker substance, will need to be applied a minimum of two times in order for the best protection. To ensure further protection of your gates, it is recommended that you re-apply the top coat a minimum of once a year for hardwood gates, and twice a year for softwood gates.

  • Additional details
    Gloss painting gates is not advised as natural timber needs to breathe. If painting is desired, then it is important to use the correct exterior paint to prolong the life of the gates.