Hardwood Garden Gates

Your garden is where nature roams free, with flowers, wildlife and trees providing the perfect backdrop to your backyard. We believe your hardwood gate should indicate how lovely your surroundings are. We offer an exclusive range of stand-out Hardwood Garden Gates that add vibrancy, security and functionality to your home, no matter the size, ironmongery, treatment or type. Choose from the kaleidoscopic Iroko or the natural Idigbo hardwood options with stylish hinges in galvanised, black, stainless steel or pewter.

Bespoke-Made Hardwood Garden Gates

To ease the purchasing process for our customers, our quick ‘Gate Order Options’ guides will help you find the right type of timber, calculate your required gate size and also provide advice on post-installation care.

Our Range of Hardwood Garden Gates

  • Appleton Design Features an arched top creating a fairy-tale entry to the garden.
  • Birchwood Design The downward arch and bars provide a great place for flowers to grow through.
  • Cheshire Design A farm-like style that is welcoming to visitors.
  • Lancashire Design Bars and an arched top give you the best of both worlds.
  • Lymm Design A simple yet sophisticated look, that suggests your garden is overflowing with flowers.
  • Village Design A traditional gate that complements your rustic home.

Our Hardwood Garden Gates are available in heights and widths up to 4ft 6, with matching posts that help gate structure. We also have a selection of Clear, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Dark Oak, Teak and Mahogany treatments that can really brighten up the gate.

Benefits of Hardwood Garden Gates

  • An attractive look that will make your property stand out.
  • Stains well and thus keeps its unique look.
  • Moisture, UV and Decay Resistant.
  • Low maintenance and durable.

Reasons To Install A Village Products Hardwood Garden Gate

For those of us lucky enough to own a garden with our property, we all know that it is absolutely one of the most important parts of our home. Nowhere is better to retreat away from the outside world, relax and enjoy the natural outdoors from the comfort of your own home. Your garden is a place of peace and beauty, with wildlife, flowers and trees providing a touch of nature to your home. Why wouldn’t you want a gorgeous hardwood garden gate as the cherry on top?

Garden gates are important for a range of different reasons and provide that extra element of privacy and security to your home while never detracting from the natural beauty of your garden. Here at Village Products, we specialise in providing beautiful and sturdy wooden gates, all entirely bespoke and made to order. Our gates can add even more vibrancy and functionality to your garden. If you don’t have a garden gate, here are some reasons to consider our amazing range of hardwood gates!

Our Hardwood Garden Gates Are Secure And Sturdy

Here at Village Products, we only work with the best hardwood available to us. We are dedicated to providing our customers with gates made from wood that is not only beautiful and aesthetic, but that is also reliable and sturdy. When it comes to your garden gate, you’re going to want something that adds to the security of your home and protects your garden – that’s what we’re here to deliver. 

Of course, if you’re a family with pets or children who enjoy running around in your back garden, you need security to keep people safe inside your garden as much as anything else. Hardwood garden gates with sturdy ironmongery such as gate locks, gate hinges, and other gate parts ensures that you don’t need to worry about the family dog running out of the garden, or your children accidentally leaving the house. 

Wooden Garden Gates Add To The Natural Aesthetic Of Your Garden

One of the reasons we have dedicated ourselves to crafting beautiful bespoke wooden gates for our customers is because we simply love the look. Compared to iron gates, hardwood garden gates have a gorgeous natural look that will never detract from the beauty of your garden’s nature – it can even add to it! 

We will hand-build your garden gate so you know that it is going to be carefully crafted by expert hands. You can choose the wood and style of the gate to suit your home and garden, and we will build something beautiful to add to your garden and home exterior. 

Our Hardwood Garden Gates Are All Bespoke And Made To Measure

One of the things about ordering a gate from Village Products is that you know that you’re going to be getting a hardwood garden gate that is absolutely perfect for you and your home. 

Because all of our gates are hand made by professional experts, we’re able to craft bespoke gates that are completely made to measure to perfectly fit your garden. Buying a ready made gate can mean it’s either too tall or too short, too wide or too narrow. With Village Products, you don’t need to worry about that!

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