Hardwood Driveway Gates

Whether it’s where your household’s cars rest after a long journey, where your guests enter through to arrive at your fabulous party, or where you sit with family in the summer and watch the world pass by, your driveway is an important part of the home’s exterior. We believe a Driveway Gate can enhance the exterior’s aesthetic and denote the wonder beyond it. Our collection of Hardwood Gates for driveways can boost your home’s beauty and security, with a choice of Idigbo and Iroko Hardwood, and ironmongery that not only protects, but compliments.

A Custom-Made Service

If you require additional help, why not check out our useful ‘Gate Order Options’ guides, discussing timber type, gate measurements and sizes, treatment advice and ironmongery options.

Our Hardwood Driveway Gates are available in heights up to 8ft, widths up to 12ft and optional posts and locks are available to enhance gate endurance. We also provide treatments as colourful as Light to Dark Oak, Mahogany and Teak, as well as Clear to help preserve your gate’s wood.

Benefits of Hardwood Driveway Gates

  • Strong, durable and proves its worth.
  • Unique patterning that gets your gate seen.
  • Good heat and sound insulator.
  • Easy to clean and take care of.

The Importance Of Your Driveway Gate

Your driveway is one the most commonly used and important parts of the exterior to your home. It’s where you leave every day for work and it’s how guests enter your home. In order to secure your property while adding to the beauty of your home’s exterior, installing a solid and sturdy and elegant hardwood driveway gate is one the best things you can do.

An impressive hardwood driveway gate allows you to properly control who enters your property – and security is obviously a big concern, whether residential or commercial. Here at Village Products, we craft bespoke hardwood driveway gates that are sturdy, reliable, and absolutely beautiful. Here are some of the reasons that installing a driveway gate is something you should consider.


As we briefly mentioned above, one of the biggest reasons that people choose to install a driveway gate is the increased security it provides. It allows you to more easily control who visits your property and discourages burglars or intruders. When integrated with a wall or fence around your property, a tall, sturdy and imposing wooden driveway gate.

For added security, consider looking at our range of ironmongery, including gate bolts, gate locks, gate catches and more. Our iron gate fittings are the perfect addition to your hardwood driveway gate.

Exterior Beauty and Curb Appeal

Another reason that makes driveway gates a popular and important addition to any property is the potential added beauty and curb appeal. Here at Village Products, we specialise in crafting and supplying bespoke, gorgeous and elegant wooden gates. We only use the best woods available and our expertise and experience guarantees a beautiful gate that stands out on the street.

The beauty of a fantastic Village Products driveway gate improves the curb appeal of your property, making your property look more sleek, elegant and gorgeous from the street. It’s a  fantastic way of impressing your guests and visitors, while giving yourself a wonderful welcome home each evening!

Property Value

Moving from the last point, impressive driveway gates are known to increase property value. We all know how important curb appeal is when it comes to selling your home, and having a gorgeous driveway gate makes your property instantly appealing and impressive. Because of their security, convenience and appearance, wooden driveway gates are highly sought after by homebuyers – installing a driveway gate is a great way of boosting your property value!

Better Privacy

Ever had that experience where you’re sitting in your front room and you feel slightly uncomfortable as passers-by peer into your home? A lot of us have. And privacy is so important when it comes to your home – it’s a place where you can relax and retreat to get away from the outside world, after all.

Wooden driveway gates are a fantastic way of adding a little more privacy to your home. A hardwood driveway gate blocks the eyeline into your home from the street and, along with a gate or wall around your property, can give you the peace of mind to never worry about someone looking into your home while you’re there.

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