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We offer a superb selection of Hardwood Gates that add style, sophistication and security to your home, regardless of the size, material, treatment or ironmongery. Choose from a wonderful collection of Idigbo and Iroko gates in treatments as eye-catching as Light Oak, Medium Oak, Dark Oak, Teak and Mahogany, as well as Clear. Our fabulous gate styles include Birchwood, Cheshire and Village.

A Custom-Made Service

To make the purchasing process easier for our customers, our handy ‘Gate Order Options’ guides will help you find the right type of timber, calculate your required gate size and also provide advice on wood care after set-up.

Hardwood Garden Gate

The Garden Gate is the entryway to catch-ups and parties in the summer sun, and nights out under the stars. Our range of Hardwood gates for the Garden include the understated and traditional Lymm and Village, to the more noticeable Cheshire and Lancashire, in widths, heights and treatments sure to add aesthetic value to your home. Our Hardwood Garden Gates are available in heights and widths up to 4ft 6, with matching posts to continue your design set.

Discover our range of Hardwood Garden Gates here.

Hardwood Side Gates

Side Gates ensure privacy and safety, while providing another entrance for residents. A Teak treatment compliments any housing style including redbrick, limestone or whitewashed, yet Dark Oak and Mahogany are more suited for the former and latter respectively. A Clear treatment maintains the hardwood’s natural beauty. Ironmongery includes bolts, hinges and latches sure to boost your gate’s visual brilliance.

Discover our range of Hardwood Side Gates here.

Hardwood Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates are a great way to increase property value and protect your kids, pets and cars. The Stockon, Swan Neck and Tarporley are some of our most popular choices, and you can find gates up to 8ft tall and 12ft wide. Install a long throw key lock that is lockable from both sides for extra safety.

Discover our range of Hardwood Driveway Gates here.

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Our Hardwoods


Idigbo is a West African timber often used in joinery because of its looks and durability. It has a pale, natural and light colouring to it, making it a common alternative to oak. This straw coloured hardwood is harvested in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, and put to use by our fine woodworkers here at Village Products

One of the reasons we love Idigbo so much is its strength – this strong timber is durable and hard wearing, with a natural resistance to moisture. It can take a fair amount of punishment, while still being incredibly lightweight compared to oak and other hardwoods. For those who do love the oak aesthetic, Idigbo is a perfect choice – when treated, it looks almost identical to the classic wood. 

It stains incredibly well, and so can be stained to a number of different shades. It’s a versatile wood that make it an excellent choice material for gates. In fact, most of our hardwood gates are made from Idigbo hardwood. Its popularity has only increased over time, and we couldn’t recommend it enough. Idigbo is fantastic West African hardwood that combines strength and durability with looks and versatility. 


Often known as ‘African Teak’, Iroko is a West African timber that has characteristics that make it perfect for use in the British climate. In fact, it shares many of the same great characteristics of oak and teak which make it a popular alternative to those woods. It’s known for its durability – in fact, Iroko is so strong and durable that it is often used in the boat building industry. It’s naturally resistant to decay over time and the ravages of insects – meaning that it lasts longer than other woods with little maintenance needed. 

Iroko varies in colour from a light brown and golden orange look, to dark nut brown variations. It is known for its slightly irregular shading, which gives it an entirely unique look. Iroko contains natural oils and, if left untreated, will weather to a silver grey colour in around 12 months. It’s a beautiful and durable hardwood that is a perfect material for gates, as long as you don’t mind maintaining the wood. To keep its stained look, we recommend regular maintenance to keep Iroko at its best. Tung Nut Oil, garden furniture oil or Danish Oil will preserve its excellent colour, and we also stock Teknos – our favourite wood treatment option

Benefits Of Using A Hardwood Gate

A hardwood gate, if looked after properly, will long outlast a softwood gate. While more expensive, hardwood brings a ‘premium’ appeal to to your garden, side  or driveway gates. They are strong and durable, ensuring that you have an outside gate that will last for years to come. Not only this, but hardwood are less knotty than softwoods, giving them a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. We believe that the grain and knot of a hardwood gate can’t be matched by softwood gates. 

Some of the benefits of getting a hardwood gate include: 


  • Durability – Hardwood gates are more durable than softwood gates. While many assume that metal gates are the most durable, wood is now better treated and produced – giving you the same durability with better aesthetic appeal. 
  • PrivacyIf you’d like to keep a good degree of privacy around your property, hardwood gates are a fantastic choice. Metal often doesn’t offer the right amount of privacy for your driveway and garden gates. 
  • A unique look just for youCompared to metal and softwood gates, hardwood gates always create a unique and beautiful entrance to your property. The knotting and grain, hardwood gates are always unique and different.
  • Security – Along with their durability and beautiful design, our hardwood gates protect your property from the outside. Whether installed in your driveway, your garden or the side of your house, our hardwood gates help you to manage who comes in and out of your property.