Gates That Resonate With Autumn

Autumn is a time of great natural beauty. Although we all love the warmth and comfort of summer and we’re sad to see it leave, we always look forward to autumn here in the UK. Here at Village Products, we think that it might be the most beautiful time of year. From the sounds and smells to the reds, golds, yellows and oranges of the leaves, autumn is truly beautiful and it’s a wonderful time to be outside. 

The area around your house is beautiful in autumn, and we always think that wooden timber gates look fantastic at this time of year. Wooden gates fit in beautifully with the natural vibrancy of the autumn season, and we love helping to give customers garden, driveway and side gates that resonate with this time of year. There are a lot of different timbers to choose from, with a range of different colours available. Here are some of our wooden gates that we think resonate best with autumn. 



  • Scandinavian Redwood Gates


Scandinavian redwood is an incredibly popular softwood timber used for garden and driveway gates. Found in the mountains of Spain and the UK – particularly Scotland – it is the only true pine that is indigenous to the British Isles. Scandinavian redwood is a strong timber with tight knots which takes treatments and stains well. 

We think that Scandinavian redwood gates look great in autumn because of the colours. The sapwood is creamy-white to yellow in colour, while the heartwood is usually a pale yellow-brown to red-brown colour – resinous and distinctive compared to the sapwood. Scandinavian redwood has a classic wooden look that fits in perfectly with the colours and lighting of autumn.



  • Idigbo African Hardwood Gates


West African Idigbo hardwood is a versatile and strong timber with fantastic natural resistance to moisture. Harvested in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, Idigbo has only grown in popularity over the years. Part of the reason for this is its close resemblance to oak, with its looks and durability making it a fantastic and lightweight alternative to oak. 

Idigbo hardwood gates look fantastic in autumn. From the straw coloured appearance to its close similarity to oak, Idigbo hardwood is a great choice for homeowners hoping to decorate their driveway, garden or side of the house with a timber that looks great at this time of year. It has a pale and natural lightness that resonates beautifully with the natural aesthetic of autumn. 



  • Iroko African Hardwood Gates


We love Iroko hardwood here at Village Products. Often known as ‘African Teak,  Iroko is known for its strength and durability. In fact, it is frequently used in the boat building industry. With natural resistance to decay and insects, it’s a hardwood that gives you a garden gate that will last for years with little maintenance. 

Iroko varies in colour from light to dark brown, with irregular shading. From golden oranges to dark nut browns, you can always find an Iroko gate that not only suits your home and exterior, but looks gorgeous in autumn and other times of year. We recommend Teknos wood treatment for Iroko hardwood gates – despite their durability, the colours weather to a silver grey over time if left untreated. 


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Are you looking for a new gate for your driveway, garden, or side of the house? We have a range of wooden gates, both softwood and hardwood that we make ourselves and supply straight to you. Our gates look fantastic in autumn, so if you’re looking for a gate that resonates this season, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Discover the fantastic range of unique and beautiful wooden timber gates here at Village Products.