Gate Ironmongery

Finish off your garden gate, field gate or driveway gate with our fantastic range of gate hardware. Here at Village Products, we combine security and timeless style to create a range of gate hinge sets and gate latches that will compliment your new gate perfectly.

They will provide you with the finishing touch and add additional security that will keep you and your loved ones safe.

Our Selection Of Gate Ironmongery Options

Our large range of gate ironmongery products consists of 6 different sets of hinges, bolts, locks and latches.

Gate Ironmongery Kits

If you’re after a kit that has everything you could ever need to install a thorough, secure gate lock then this is the product for you. Our kits come in a range of styles and options. We have double gate kits, premium black single hinge and 12-inch stainless steel single hinge. Each kit comes with all the appropriate hardware for larger gates or smaller gates.

Gate Bolts, Latches & Catches

If you’re after something a little more straightforward then be sure to check out our range lockable drop bolts, gate latches and catches. This gate furniture comes in a range of styles and sizes like cabin hooks, Brenton pad bolts and ring latches in beautiful stainless steel or black finishes.

Gate Hinges

If you have the cabin hook, the gate latch or the lock but just need some hinges then don’t worry. We can supply strong, heavy-duty gate hinges that will blend seamlessly into your new garden gate or side gate. We offer weighty scotch tee hinges as well as adjustable band & hook hinges so no matter what gate hinges you’re after we have a solution for you.

Gate Locks

For high security, you need one of our long throw gate locks. Lockable from both sides like a front door key this provides you with peace of mind that your field gate, garden gate or side gate is secure. Our gate lock comes in black too which means it will look seamless on whatever gate you have.

Stainless Steel Gate Ironmongery

For a touch of class, these stainless steel related products are the ultimate finishing touch. From heavy-duty gate hinges to lockable drop bolts and shed latches we have a range of products that are all made from tough stainless steel that offers high security and a classy finish.

Premium Black Gate Ironmongery

For something a little more understated but stylish nonetheless, have a look at our premium black gate ironmongery related products. The great thing about opting for this finish is that, should you decide in a few years to get a new gate, they will look good on any gate design or finish. From metal gates and field gates to garage doors. Our black gate finishes will look great wherever.

Where Do I Fit The Ironmongery Onto The Gate?

With any kind of gate fixings, our expert team will be on hand to offer advice and give out installation instructions so you can successfully install them the first time around. We advise that you fit the ironmongery at a height that is suitable for adults but out of the reach of small children or pets. If you prefer, you can always purchase a top latch and a lock for the middle of the gate to give you extra peace of mind. All ironmongery needs, to be successfully installed, is a power drill and some sturdy nails to ensure the cabin hooks, double straps, gravity latches or whatever it is you’ve bought is embedded into the gate.