Why Wooden Gates Are Better Than Metal Gates

When investing in a new gate for your home, the material of the gate is a big factor to consider. Whether you’re looking to install a garden gate, a driveway gate or a side gate, the two most popular options to choose from are wood and metal.

Both materials have their pros and cons. These largely depend on where the gate is located and what it’s being used for, how it complements the current appearance of your home or garden, and your general preference when it comes to the look and feel of your gate.


However, wooden gates offer many advantages over metal gates. We know what you’re thinking: of course you’d say that! But from aesthetics to practicality to affordability, rest assured there are plenty of great (and unbiased) reasons to go with wood over metal when investing in a new gate.

Here are five reasons why wooden gates are better than metal gates.

Better Appearance

A wooden gate adds natural beauty and unique charm to your home. It looks and feels warmer, homelier and more welcoming than a metal gate. A wooden gate blends in especially well with gardens, accentuating the organic elegance of your trees, plants and flowers. A metal gate, on the other hand, can feel cold, unwelcoming and industrial, bringing to mind a high-security penitentiary rather than a pleasant, peaceful home.

At Village Products, we offer a wide range of high-quality, bespoke wooden gates to suit your needs, tastes and budget. Our hardwood gates are made from the finest Idigbo or Iroko wood, which are extremely eye-catching. Our softwood gates are made from high-quality Scandinavian Redwood. With a wide range of paint and stain options to choose from, you can let your creative juices flow when it comes to your new gate.


Easier and Cheaper to Look After

When investing in a new gate for your home or garden, you want to make sure that it will stand the test of time. Luckily, our wooden gates are highly durable and hold up in all types of weather and seasons. Through rain or shine, harsh winters or hot summers, our wooden gates won’t degrade. With a little periodic maintenance and treatment, our wooden gates can look as good as new for years after your initial purchase and installation. We recommend using Teknos as a fantastic wood preservative and treatment, allowing you to easily keep your gate looking fantastic for every season.

Metal gates, on the other hand, can be prone to corrosion and end up looking unattractive and rusty. Applying protective paint to metal gates can be particularly tricky and fiddly since you have to ensure that you paint between the bars and into all of the creases of the metal, depending on the design of the gate.

Better Privacy

A big reason people buy a gate is for privacy. A wooden gate is the perfect option for this. Metal gates (particularly those used for driveways) with bars allow people to peek into your private premises, whereas a close-boarded wooden gate completely blocks the view of people walking past your house, offering more privacy. Your children can play in peace while you can store your belongings outside without having to worry about prying eyes of potential burglars or thieves. Better yet, wooden gates still provide the level of security you need, preventing trespassers and criminals from entering your home or garden.


Easier to Add, Replace or Replace Fixtures

Another practical advantage that wooden gates have over metal gates is that they’re far more flexible. When it comes to adding, replacing or removing fixtures and features — such as hinges, bolts, latches and locks in a variety of materials — wooden gates are much easier to work with than metal.

More Environmentally Friendly

Wood is a more sustainable material than metal, so for those who care about the environment, wood is definitely the choice for you! A metal gate, on the other hand, requires a large amount of energy consumption to produce them, increasing your carbon footprint.

Large tree on a summers day

If you’re looking for a high-quality wooden gate, look no further than Village Products. Whether you’re after a garden gate, a driveway gate or a side gate, we offer a wide range of wooden gates to suit your needs, tastes and budget. From hardwood to softwood, all of our gates are custom made and handcrafted, ensuring the highest-quality and best fitting.

Get a free quote here or contact us on 01925 967 071.

Choosing the Right Gate for Your Garden

The right garden gate is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offers a high degree of security and privacy for your home. When it comes to choosing the right gate for your garden, it can be a challenge thinking about all the things you need to consider. We’ve got a few handy tips to help you out when it comes to ensuring you get it right.

Hardwood or Softwood Gate?

Choosing the right wood for your garden gate is the first step when it comes to ensuring you get the garden gate of your dreams. Softwood gates are a more economical choice, but do require treatment to ensure it will stand the test of time. We offer a fantastic range of Teknos treatments in colours sure to beautify your home. 

We use Scandinavian Redwood for all our softwood garden gates. Hardwood can be a more durable choice, lasting longer than softwood gates. Hardwoods are also less ‘knotty’ than softwoods which many people feel makes them more aesthetically attractive. For our hardwood gates we use Idigbo or Iroko (African Teak) and their unique markings can make for a striking look. 

Hardwood Gates

Off-the-Shelf or Made-to-Measure: Which is Best?

Because there’s no ‘standard’ width for gardens and driveways, buying a garden gate off the shelf can lead to disappointment more often than not. Readymade gates are unlikely to be as high quality as a wooden gate that has been crafted by experienced joiners to your specifications. A poorly fitting gate won’t look as attractive or offer the security you were hoping for, which is why we make all our garden gates to order in our workshop in the UK.

Iroko hardwood Chester design electric gates

How Durable Will Your New Gate Be?

Although hardwoods are more durable than softwoods, the key to a long-lasting garden gate is to ensure that you regularly treat and protect it from the elements. We offer tins of treatment as an add-on option when ordering your gate, available in a range of shades. 

It’s also important to make sure you don’t buy a gate that has flat rails. Because we live in a wet climate, water will sit on top of a flat-railed gate, leading to fungal decay and rot. Our gates are durable in all weathers, making them a wise investment.

Showroom Double Gates in stock

What Design Should You Choose?

We have a range of designs to choose from – adding style and versatility to every home. From the simple Appleton Design Garden Gate to the more elaborate Lancashire Design Hardwood Garden Gate, you’re sure to find the perfect style to suit your property.


How Much Will Installation Cost?

We offer installation within a 30-mile radius for all gates bought from us. If you live a little further away, then don’t forget to factor the cost of installation into your gate purchase. We can provide instructions on how to do this yourself, or you can get quotes from joiners or carpenters in your area – but make sure they carry out a site visit to assess the project first!

Need some more help choosing the right gate for your garden? Get in touch with us today to find out more about our made-to-order garden gates, or to retrieve a free quotation. Our friendly and expert team has been designing and manufacturing wooden gates for over 25 years – so believe us, we know a thing or two!

Gates That Resonate With Autumn

Autumn is a time of great natural beauty. Although we all love the warmth and comfort of summer and we’re sad to see it leave, we always look forward to autumn here in the UK. Here at Village Products, we think that it might be the most beautiful time of year. From the sounds and smells to the reds, golds, yellows and oranges of the leaves, autumn is truly beautiful and it’s a wonderful time to be outside. 

The area around your house is beautiful in autumn, and we always think that wooden timber gates look fantastic at this time of year. Wooden gates fit in beautifully with the natural vibrancy of the autumn season, and we love helping to give customers garden, driveway and side gates that resonate with this time of year. There are a lot of different timbers to choose from, with a range of different colours available. Here are some of our wooden gates that we think resonate best with autumn. 



  • Scandinavian Redwood Gates


Scandinavian redwood is an incredibly popular softwood timber used for garden and driveway gates. Found in the mountains of Spain and the UK – particularly Scotland – it is the only true pine that is indigenous to the British Isles. Scandinavian redwood is a strong timber with tight knots which takes treatments and stains well. 

We think that Scandinavian redwood gates look great in autumn because of the colours. The sapwood is creamy-white to yellow in colour, while the heartwood is usually a pale yellow-brown to red-brown colour – resinous and distinctive compared to the sapwood. Scandinavian redwood has a classic wooden look that fits in perfectly with the colours and lighting of autumn.



  • Idigbo African Hardwood Gates


West African Idigbo hardwood is a versatile and strong timber with fantastic natural resistance to moisture. Harvested in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, Idigbo has only grown in popularity over the years. Part of the reason for this is its close resemblance to oak, with its looks and durability making it a fantastic and lightweight alternative to oak. 

Idigbo hardwood gates look fantastic in autumn. From the straw coloured appearance to its close similarity to oak, Idigbo hardwood is a great choice for homeowners hoping to decorate their driveway, garden or side of the house with a timber that looks great at this time of year. It has a pale and natural lightness that resonates beautifully with the natural aesthetic of autumn. 



  • Iroko African Hardwood Gates


We love Iroko hardwood here at Village Products. Often known as ‘African Teak,  Iroko is known for its strength and durability. In fact, it is frequently used in the boat building industry. With natural resistance to decay and insects, it’s a hardwood that gives you a garden gate that will last for years with little maintenance. 

Iroko varies in colour from light to dark brown, with irregular shading. From golden oranges to dark nut browns, you can always find an Iroko gate that not only suits your home and exterior, but looks gorgeous in autumn and other times of year. We recommend Teknos wood treatment for Iroko hardwood gates – despite their durability, the colours weather to a silver grey over time if left untreated. 


Contact Us

Are you looking for a new gate for your driveway, garden, or side of the house? We have a range of wooden gates, both softwood and hardwood that we make ourselves and supply straight to you. Our gates look fantastic in autumn, so if you’re looking for a gate that resonates this season, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Discover the fantastic range of unique and beautiful wooden timber gates here at Village Products. 

Protect Your Garden Gate Before The Seasons Change

It’s important to keep your garden gates healthy and looking good. Without proper maintenance, your lovely wooden gate can become bleached and stained. Here at Village Products, we always recommend giving your gates a top coat in summer, regardless of when they were purchased. Giving your gates some treatment not only prepares for winter, but protects them in summer too!

The Importance Of Gate Care


Once you’ve got a quality, luxury garden gate you’re proud of which is perfect for the garden, you’re going to want to make sure that investment is protected so that it can continue to look good for as long as possible. If your gate is one of our high quality wooden gates, it will last for as long as you continue to maintain it. 

Most new garden gates receive initial treatment to protect the timber from wood rot and insect attacks. However, these treatments don’t provide full protection against weathering. Erosion from weather and UV rays will degrade these treatments and begin to affect the quality of your gate over time. Whether your garden gate is made from softwood or hardwood, we recommend treating the timber with a wood preservative in summer. 

Protecting Your Gate In Summer

Treating your gate in summer isn’t just going to prepare for the harsher weather of autumn and winter. Summer heat can lead to the wood swelling, and the summer rays can bleach and bow the wood. Fortunately, summer is a great time to treat your gate. Ideally, you want to be able to treat your gate in a fairly warm temperature, and the gate should be allowed to dry for a couple of days after treatment. This means not treating your gate if rain is likely within the next 48 hours. 

An additional top coat of oil, stain, paint or varnish will help even more in protecting the wood for years to come. If you want to keep things natural with the wood texture clearly visible, we recommend overcoating your preservative treatment with a clear exterior wood oil, or even decking oil. These products penetrate into the wood grain and provide excellent protection because they contain a combination of wood oils, waxes and resins. Many of these products also have UV filters that are great for retaining the timber’s natural look by protecting against the sun.

Remember to keep your garden gate clean, dry and free of any surface dirt, grease or other contaminate before you get ready for treating, coating or painting. Wipe the gate down to de-grease the surface before you start. We recommend White Spirit or Methylated Spirit. 

Teknos: Our Favourite Treatment

teknos base coat

Here at Village Products we love Teknos’ ‘Forest Inspirations’ wooden gate treatment collection. With resistance to bacteria, mould and UV we’ve tried Teknos ourselves and we think it’s the best, most comprehensive treatment out there. Available in a wide range of colours like Mahogany, Teak and Light, Medium and Dark Oak, the Teknos coats will minimise discolouration of your gate while maximising the resilience and durability.

The best part about Teknos? It does this while emphasizing and protecting your gate’s natural state and style. Unlike some other treatments and stains, these coats won’t crack or peel. This means they keep their appeal much longer, and we love that they show the natural grain of your gate’s timber through the colours.  

Get In Touch!

If you’re interested in buying one of our top quality garden gates, some reliable wood treatment, or if you want some advice on the matter, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Call us today on 01925 967 071 to find out how we can help you discover your perfect garden gates.

Summer Garden Party Ideas

With summer approaching, you might be thinking about how you can throw a brilliant and memorable garden party for your family and friends. It’s the best time of year for getting out and socialising in the fresh air with some tasty food and cool drinks. We love a good garden party here at Village Products, so here are our tips for making the most of the summer by throwing an elegant, laid-back outdoor party that will get everyone talking for years to come.

Decorate For Instant Party Vibes

wooden table with multicoloured bunting in the background

Get people in the mood for a party the moment they arrive in your garden! Some simple decorations like balloons and bunting are great for setting a fun tone, and adding splashes of colour around the garden immediately brightens the occasion. Bunting is easy enough to make yourself, but if you fancy something a bit different, try hanging pom poms from trees and washing lines for a quick and easy way of adding a vibrant touch to your summer party.

If you’re planning on extending your garden party into the evening, add a touch of magic by hanging fairy lights from the walls, and placing comfy blankets on the grass for people to sit on, and stare up at the stars from. We love this great idea for easily creating an unforgettable atmosphere in your otherwise ordinary outdoor space!

Use Flowers

We think that summer garden parties always benefit by simply overflowing with flowers! You can use the natural beauty and smell of flowers to capture a summer vibe throughout just about every aspect of your garden party. One of the simplest methods is to make sure you have a nice floral centrepiece for your tables. We recommend using herbal flowers like mint, rosemary and lavender for that lovely smell and atmosphere.

Other creative ways of using flowers include making small bouquets and using teacups as plant pots. If it’s a big gathering, you can place name cards in these for a summery, thoughtful way of letting people know where to sit. If you have a bit of time to prepare things, get some steel wire and a glue gun and make your very own floral messages! A welcome sign or perhaps something pointing people towards the drinks bar is a really imaginative way of enhancing your garden party with flowers. Blooming brilliant, you might say.

Get The Lawn Games Out

croquet bats and balls set

Introducing lawn games into your garden party is always going to get your guests having fun, chatting amongst themselves, and enjoying the outdoor summer vibes! Bring out the classics like hoopla, skittles and bowls to get people involved. Classic wooden sets look great and last for years, meaning you can make use of them summer after summer.

Croquet is another common choice, but if you were to ask us our favourite here at Village Products, we’d have to go with giant Jenga! Great for kids and adults alike, there’s something about the tense moments and mistakes that always get people laughing together. For spectators, get some comfortable lawn chairs out so they can sit and sip their drinks while watching the others.

Get Creative With Serving Drinks

Every summer garden party needs cool drinks! Your guests want to enjoy the warm weather while keeping refreshed and perhaps getting a little tipsy. Rather than serve the ordinary, you can again use natural flowers to enhance your garden party and boost its summer vibes. Placing lavender in people’s drinks is a great trick, but we love floating edible flower blossoms in our guest’s drinks even more! They’re tasty, sweet and subtly emphasize the beauty and wonder of your event.

Fill your ice bucket with fruit and flowers so that you can keep your drinks chilled while gaining a colourful centrepiece for your garden. Using flowers as drink stirrers is a really nice way of adding to the atmosphere as well.

Get In Touch

If you want to spend time outside with your kids, friends and family in a safe, secure and beautiful garden, contact us at Village Products to get the perfect gates for your home and garden. Available in colours as summery as Teak, Mahogany and Light Oak, they can add that extra bit of magic to your home. Please call us on 01925 967 071 today to spruce up your garden ahead of your memorable garden party this summer!

What Makes Us The Right Supplier For Your Clients’ Garden Gates?

Everybody wants a high quality garden gate that is going to make their home look welcoming while keeping it safe and secure. Supplying your customers with the best gates possible will enhance your reputation and drive repeat business. At Village Products we have a wide range of handcrafted and bespoke wooden gates, created using our own unique methods to ensure their durability and beauty. As a family-run business, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our gates and the services we provide all of our customers.


All of our gates are manufactured in house at our very own workshop, which means that we can choose the materials and methods we use ourselves. We only work with high quality hardwoods and softwoods, such as Scandinavian Redwood, Iroko Hardwood and Idigbo Hardwood. We know these woods to be sturdy and reliable, lasting a long time and dealing well with stains and treatment.

Our own experienced joiners handcraft every single gate we produce. This level of quality craftsmanship means that we can build bespoke, made to measure gates for individual needs, whether it be for a garden, driveway or the side of a house. We can consult with customers on specifications and help make decisions on the size, material, ironmongery, and more, should you or your customers require further advice.

Softwood Gates Category

We offer fast delivery on all orders. Single gate deliveries can be expected 2-3 weeks after placing an order, while double gates will be 3-4 weeks from order. We’re able to do this because our joiners work hard and know their craft inside out. They’re capable of working to an order whilst never letting their high standards slide, always making sure the gates they produce are made to an excellent quality.

Idigbo Hardwood Garden Gate

We also offer an installation service for every gate we deliver within 30 miles of our Warrington workshop. We have provided this service for customers of all kinds, including developers, builders, landscapers and more. All of our gates are available for purchase throughout the UK, so if you’re not within 30 miles of us, our team will provide all the help and guidance you need on fitting our products yourselves.

If you’re interested in providing your clients with excellent quality wooden gates, Village Products has everything you need. Call us on 01925 967 071 today for a quote.

Easter Garden Activities Your Children Will Love

With the lovely warm weather we’ve just enjoyed over the weekend, we think we can safely say that spring has sprung! The trees have already started blossoming in shades of pinks, yellows and white, and our gardens will all shortly be full of wildlife. At Village Products, we think the best thing about spring is Easter and getting to spend time with our families in our gardens, and there’s no greater joy than seeing the smiles on our kids’ faces when they take part in the activities we plan for them. We therefore thought we’d share some of them with you, so that you can also create some happy memories there to!




The Easter Egg Hunt.

Always a favourite and so simple to organise! You can hide eggs of all shapes, sizes and colours around your garden, whether that’s in bird houses, in bushes or among the flowerbeds and give your children little baskets, buckets or pails to collect their eggs in. We sometimes hide a golden egg in our garden which equals a special prize.




Egg Painting.

We all know how messy paint can be, so spare your kitchen table and cupboards and let your kids enjoy some egg decorating outside! There’s a vast array of options available: glitter, googly eyes, feathers, stickers and pipe cleaners – so why not set out a mat on the grass and let your kids get to work. You could even hold themed competitions and get them to create characters from their favourite shows, and ask them to create Easter-based creations. Their creativity is endless!




Create Your Own Sock Bunny.

These cute furry friends can keep your children entertained for hours. All you need is a small sock, some felt, large pom poms, googly eyes, elastic bands and ribbon, as well as some rice to fill the bunnies with.

A great way to teach your kids about recycling, these bunnies can make the best companions for your kids this Easter.


sock bunny tutorial
Source: A Pumpkin & A Princess



Egg Racing.

Get your spoons at the ready with this fun game, especially with our own little twist! Set up challenges around the house and garden that make keeping the egg in the spoon all that more difficult. Hopping on one leg, jumping through rubber tyres on the grass, having to slide down a slide and answering riddles can help keep everyone on their toes.




With so much to do, you’ll have endless hours of fun with your kids in the garden. Happy Easter everyone!




Garden Party Ideas for Mother’s Day

Far better than breakfast in bed, throwing your mum a party for Mother’s Day is the perfect way to show her how much you appreciate everything she does for you. With this in mind, discover our top garden party ideas for mother’s day below!



Go for a Gazebo

It might be spring time officially, but holding a garden party in March probably has a high chance of rain. A gazebo can help you get the best of both worlds, and with some pretty decor it can create something really special.

Why not try some of our favourites?

  • Multi coloured bunting
  • Swathes of fabric flowers
  • Balloon garlands
  • Fancy table decorations


Serve Afternoon Tea

Make your mum feel like a queen for the afternoon by serving her a beautiful afternoon tea. Tell her to put on her posh frock, set her up with a pretty table in the garden and then wait on her hand-and-foot with some delicious treats.

We love:

  • Dainty sandwiches (with the crusts cut off of course!)
  • Mini cakes
  • Pretty macarons
  • Scones and cream



Plan A Treasure Hunt

A great idea for keeping little kids (and mum) entertained, planning a treasure hunt around the garden is a great adventure. Hide little treats along the way for younger ones to find, just make sure that there’s something extra nice for mum at the end of it. This is a great idea as it gets the whole family involved – which mum is sure to adore!




Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

A lovely way for getting conversations started, decorate your garden with pictures of favourite times you’ve spent with your mum over the years. This is guaranteed to get the stories flowing, and probably some tears too. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness more than any gift!



With plenty ideas for spoiling mum, why not think outside the chocolate box this year and make Mother’s Day 2019 the best one yet!?

Spring Garden Activities

We’re finally onto the tail-end of winter, and spring is starting to show itself. At long last, the days are getting longer and (a little bit) warmer, and we’re able to spend more time outside. Spring is a wonderful time to spend outside, especially with your children. It’s a fantastic opportunity to teach them more about nature and the seasons, and being outside is good for both of you!

In this blog, we’ll explore some fun spring garden activities for you and your children, so you can make the most of the springtime together.

Get Them Planting Their Own Food

Spring Garden Activities planting your own food

Planting with your kids can be really easy, fun and rewarding for both of you. If you’re short on space, remember vegetables can be grown in pots, just like flowers can. Growing food with  your kids also means in a little while, you’ll have some kitchen activities to do with them on a rainy day, cooking the food you’ve grown together. For fussier kids, they’re also more likely to give veggies a chance if they’ve grown them themselves.

Make sure to pick plants that are easy and quick to grow so your children don’t lose patience. Spring onions, spinach and lettuce are all fast growing crops that are usually ready to eat in about a month.

You probably won’t be growing prize winning vegetables to start with, but even a small amount is something really fun for your kids to get involved in, and a great way of getting them outside into nature.

Make a Pizza Garden

Spring Garden Activities Pizza garden

If you need more inspiration for what to grow with your kids, try putting together a pizza garden! It’s encouraging for kids to know that there’s a reward (delicious homemade pizza!) at the end of the process, and can help motivate them.

If you have the space, creating a “pizza-shaped” bed for your plants is a really fun way to lay them out, and will look great from both inside and outside the house.

Plants like tomatoes, onions and peppers, as well as herbs like basil, parsley and rosemary are all easy for kids to grow, and ends in a delicious, nutritious and fresh dinner for the whole family!

Do a Scavenger Hunt

Spring Garden Activities scavenger hunt

If you’re short on space, or gardening just isn’t your thing, try setting up an outdoor scavenger hunt!

Making a list of things for kids to find in the garden is a great way to get them outside and involved in nature. Having them find different types of leaves and telling you which tree it’s from, finding different types of insects and identifying different flowers are all great for getting them invested in the great outdoors.

You could also make it a more sensory experience by categorising the things your kids need to find by touch, sound, look and smell. Finding trees with bark that feels different, the sound of running water, and different coloured items in the garden will help your kids get in touch with their senses and the great outdoors.

Encourage Animals to Visit

Spring Garden Activities animals

Encouraging kids to take an interest not just in the flora of a garden but the fauna as well is a wonderful way for kids to learn more about animals and nature. While this isn’t an option for everyone, if you live somewhere there are birds, insects and other animals, it makes perfect sense to teach kids about how to help and treat wild animals.

Making a birdbath or feeder with your kids is a fun craft activity, and you can get lots of resources to encourage animals into your garden, like these Bee Saver Kits from Friends of the Earth.

Spring is one of the best times of the year to get you and your children outside and seeing the world. Nature changes so quickly at this time of year, so it can be a fun, healthy and a great learning experience –  a wonderful way to spend time with your kids outside.

If you want to spend time outside with your kids in a safe, secure and beautiful garden, contact us at Village Products to get the perfect gates for your home and garden, so you can let your kids roam the garden and get invested in nature with peace of mind.

Resolution: Decoration


While the thought of spending time outside is rather unappealing at the moment, if your garden is starting to look a little worse for wear, it may be time to start sprucing it up! From updating your decking to beautifying your gate, we provide you with some great suggestions for how you can refresh your garden ahead of the warmer months.


Update your Deck

A lot of gardens have a wooden decking area that after a few years starts to look a bit dated. Softwood decks are prone to algae, mildew and mould as they age, which can become slippery and dangerous. They also lose some of their natural colour, making your garden look a little drab. Updating to a hardwood or even wood effect porcelain tiled decking area can instantly perk up and modernise your garden.


resolution decoration decking

Source: HouseBeautiful


Add Some Bright Furniture

Brightening up your garden is easy with some bold garden furniture, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to splash the cash on brand-new tables and chairs. Instead, paint your own! Old wooden, wicker or metal furniture lends itself perfectly to a colourful update. A subtle colourful wood stain or vibrant coat of paint can both work to update a dull looking outdoor area.


Paint Your Shed

In the same vein, painting a garden shed is a great, modern way to ready your garden for sunnier days.  An old, shabby shed can be a bit of an eyesore, but a vamped up shed or summerhouse can make a wonderful focal point for your garden. It’s also a great place to store your new and improved garden furniture while you wait for the days to warm up a bit!


resolution decoration paint your shed

Source: Cassiefairy


Unusual Planters

Unusual and unique plant pots act as a great talking point. They’re also easy to make, eco-friendly, cheap and as versatile as you need them to be. If you decide to make them out of tin cans, ensure you sand down any sharp edges and put a layer of stones at the bottom, or make holes in the bottom for water to drain out to keep your plants healthy.


resolution decoration unusual planters

Source: Ideal Home


Fences and Gates

Like decks, if treated poorly, fences and gates can lose their lustre and really bring down the appearance of gardens. You might also find that if you live in a residential or urban area that your garden isn’t very private, in which case fencing and gating can help to make you feel more comfortable in your outdoor space.


If for whatever reason, you think a new gate might be right for you, contact us at Village Products, where we can help find the perfect bespoke garden or driveway gate for you.


Contact us today on 01925 967 071, and help get the outdoor spaces in your home ready for spring!