Bring Wildlife Into Your Garden

These days, we’re more conscious than ever about the planet and the health of the natural environment around us. Here at Village Products, we’ve seen that more and more people are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace sustainable living. With climate change and habitat erosion, a lot of natural wildlife is under pressure. However, you can take a few small steps and create a garden ecosystem that encourages birds, bugs, and bees to visit and live in your back garden! 

Boxes For The Birds

Bird boxes are fantastic for attracting a wide range of birds into your garden. Put up a nesting box or a feeding box and before long you’ll begin to see birds you’ve never seen in your garden before. Garden birds are a wonderful addition to your garden thanks to the beautiful relaxing birdsong and gorgeous colours they bring with them. 

Make sure that any nesting boxes you put up are in a sheltered spot and away from any potential predators – especially out of reach of domestic cats! Try to offer a mix of different foods such as seeds and nuts, and scatter wildflower seeds across your lawn to attract birds very quickly. 

Creating ideal nesting habitats for local wildlife is a fantastic way of encouraging garden bird populations to soar! 

Start A Compost Heap

bird feeder shaped as a house in a garden

Compost is excellent for your garden, that’s true. What it’s also great for is attracting plenty of worms and insects which, in turn, attract birds, hedgehogs, and other local wildlife into your garden. Compost makes your soil healthy, which is good for absolutely everything living in your garden. Not only is it an excellent mulch, but it’s completely free and easy to make. 

You can compost your garden waste to help the plants and wildlife, providing an extension of their natural habitats. Also, unlike other organic matter you might purchase or import, homemade compost is completely green, coming without any packaging or fuel miles to provide shelter for small garden plants and animals year-round. 

Grow Some Wildflowers

pink flowers in a green meadow

Want to make your garden even more beautiful and colourful, all while encouraging more local wildlife into your garden ecosystem? Consider growing and cultivating colourful wildflowers to make your garden even more appealing for bees and butterflies. Some of the best wildlife-attracting plants include buddleias (a particular favourite of butterflies), rosemary, lavender, lamiums, honeysuckles, geraniums, foxgloves, and many more. 

Wildflowers are beautiful and natural way of encouraging pollination and inviting more bees and butterflies into your garden. Native species with open structured flowers are great for bees – not only do the colours look fantastic, but the insects and wildlife love them too. 

Make A Water Feature Or Pond

If you want to bring in some entirely new and unique garden plants and garden animals into your life, then adding water might be the perfect solution! Ideally, digging a pond is the best way to introduce a vast range of new wildlife to your garden, but the truth is that even an upturned container of water will do the trick. You may attract frogs as well as insects such as dragonflies. Birds and other mammals will use the water to drink from, and you can allow water lilies, pondweed and broadleaf to further develop your unique underwater environment. 

Allow your plant life to grow and colonise naturally for the best results, and consider adding fish but remember that they will feed on the plants and insects around the water in your garden. 

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